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$500 CommBank to fund VR exploration for older patients

Brunswick Private Hospital is excited to put a recently secured Commbank $500 grant towards the exploration of Virtual Reality (VR) for older patients.

VR technology can bring great benefits to the older person, designed for the participant to be seated, it offers a form of “in chair” rehabilitation, that can enable those less able to still participate and improve overall function whilst having fun doing so!

The power of VR technology is that it is simple, patients simply use their eyes, ears and hands, but in doing so, are able to be transported to another country or experience, all from the comfort of their chair. With VR patients can enjoy new experiences, such as kayaking or sailing, or revisit places from their childhood, or places they have wanted to visit. The technology encourages memory recall, cognitive stimulation, improved mood, social activity and physical movement.

We are excited to explore the VR space.

Pictured below is CEO Lee Garwood (centre) with CommBank representatives.